The Successful Conclusion of OHC’s Opening

      On 19th Nov, 2015, OHC’s opening ceremony was held in A building of core function support infrastructure in IT Shinryo park of Okinawa. Shitaji Meiwa, as the director of department of Commerce, Industry, and Labor of Okinawa Prefectural Government; JIN Guowei, as the secretary of Dalian Hi-Tech Zone Party Working Committee & director of Administrative Committee; Enokawa Moriji, as the deputy mayor of URUMA City, and other guests from governmental departments; clients representatives from NEC, NTTDATA, HITACHI SOLUTIONS, NEC SOLUTIONS INNOVATOR, NSSOL, MHIR, NRI, MDIS, YEC, NST, HRONE; OCC, NES Okinawa, Hitachi Internet System Okinawa, and other local corporate; MIZUHO BANK, ASO Education, KBC and other relating companies,LIU Jun, as the Chairman of DHC; WANG Yue, as the CEO of DHC; and other guests attended and congratulated OHC’s opening ceremony.
      OHC locates in IT Shinryo park of URUMA City, and mainly offers nearshore software development, IT service and other business for Japanese clients. At the following 3 to 5 years, OHC will own 300 employees. WANG Yue , as the CEO of OHC, explained the main reason for OHC’s foundation was to develop nearshore development service focusing on middle-and-high level projects by Okinawa-centered, based on the current “TOKYO onsite & Dalian offshore” service outsourcing for Japan, and then develop IT service focused on operation monitoring and maintenance management by using the new generation cloud data center and perfect communication infrastructures of Okinawa onsite resource to form the all-round service system of “China offshore, Okinawa nearshore & clients onstie”.