DHC Won “Service Qualification Level 1 of Software Secure Development”

      On 21st Dec., the first batch of national software secure development service qualification’s certificate awarding ceremony (seminar)) was held in Shenyang. At the ceremony, DHC received the certificate of Service Qualification Level 1 of Software Secure Development issued by ISCCC, and there are 7 companies being awarded. Only 2 companies received the level 1 qualification, and DHC was one of them.
The service qualification certification of software secure development is to measure service providers’ qualification and capability of software secure development by evaluating their basic qualification, management capability, technological capability, and software secure development process capability. This qualification is divided into 3 levels. Level 1 is the highest, and level 3 is the lowest.
Under the strategic policy of assuring product and service’s security, DHC started to make and promote the software secure development’s relevant specifications from 2013. From Dec. 2015, DHC began to do the application of ISCCC’s. And then on 24th and 25th Sep., the domestic business division and solution business division of DHC, cooperating with other relevant divisions, qualified the ISCCC 4 auditors’ examination.
       With the promotion of China’s informationization and information security assurance, the government gradually realized the specified management of information system construction’s market, and the problem of software security received much more attention of the whole society. As a software and service supplier, DHC must recognize the importance of software products’ security, and integrate security into each stage of software development life cycle, improve the security of software products, provide perfect service for clients and then enhance the market competitiveness.