WQWL AmazingBox Won the Award “Top 30 of China’s Smart Home”

       Currently, the conference on establishment of CFDCC’ s Smart Home Committee and top 30 of China’s smart home’s announcement, was held in Great Hall of the People. And Smart Home Committee included Qihoo 360, HDL, BroadLink, ORVIBO, IOT, ZGWL, and other 40 companies from all over China. And also more than 100 corporate representatives attended this establishment conference. AmazingBox,, as the leader of smart home industry and the founding member of this committee, was awarded the top 30 of 2015 China’s smart home.
     Smart home, as the newly emerging force of China’ home industry, was developed rapidly to promote and lead the upgrading and development of the whole home industry. This selection adhered to CFDCC’s just, fair and open purpose and did not receive any fees from attendant companies. Listening to the home industry’s voice, reflecting the real achievement and situation of this industry’s development objectively, and awarding and promoting excellent brands and companies that contributed to the sound development of home industry, CFDCC would give the best choice to market and consumers via the independent application of the attendant company, media recommendation, and professionals’ evaluation.
     DHC was the first batch of company for entering into smart home industry, but AmazingBox devoted to offering comfortable, safe, convenient, and efficient life environment to people, focused on practical applicability, abandon those slick functions, created products based on utility, convenience, and humanization, and started the 3.0 times of smart home which setting human as core. 2015, AmazingBox, with JD Crowdfunding as the starting point, continuously increased its products categories, improved products quality, and started offline way to open market. And also AmazingBox built dealer network and offline experience hall in more than 10 cities, and gained good evaluation from several big-scale real estate projects. In future, on the basis of stabilizing and developing offline selling, it will start to enlarge its sales by online selling to provide direct service to much more consumers.