DHC being Certified PCMM Maturity Level 3

On 27th Dec, 2016, DHC was certified PCMM ML3 by QAI Global, which representing DHC has reached the standard of Level 3 on people capability maturity. PCMM (People Capability Maturity Model)is a management structure developed by software engineering institution of Carnegie Mellon University. It has been proved PCMM is good for people asset management. It has combined more than 100 USA corporate outstanding practical experiences, and can provide a route chart to improve people capability sustainably.
At May of 2015, DHC officially launched the introduction of PCMM and its evaluation plan, combined with corporate development strategy, referred to PCMM standard, optimized and improved HR management process, standardized and unified HR management, and built efficient, scientific, and standardized people asset management system. Meanwhile, by referring to others outstanding practical experiences, DHC improved the HR managers’ people management level including business department HR managers, and optimized HR staffing to realize human cost optimization. From 2015 to 2016, with the introduction and experimental implement of PCMM, DHC has improved 13 HR management in the fields of HR planning, people capability development, career development, performance management, work environment and so on, and realized the transformation from HR management to people asset management.