Opening ceremony (loT seminar) being held

The president and CEO of NEC, Takashi Nino presented the prize to the president Wang Yue.

Photo of awarding
(From right side of the first line: president and CEO of NEC, Takashi Nino; DHC president Wang Yue, NEC managing executive officer & director of procurement, Nobihiro Odake;
From right side of the second line: NEC deputy director of procurement, Shigeki Shimizu; president of JHC Ogasawara; NEC deputy director of procurement, Takeji Iguchi)


On 24th Jan., NEC New Year strategy SC partner communication conference was held in Tokyo, Japan. At the conference, the best partner prize of 2016 was awarded to DHC by NEC group. DHC was issued this prize of the best partner of software field in five supply chain. DHC became the only one enterprise winning this prize and also the only one Chinese enterprise receiving this honor since this prize started. The president of DHC, Wang Yue as the reprehensive received this prize, and vice president Ling Liwu, and the president of JHC, Ogasawara and other guests attended this conference.
DHC cooperated with NEC from 1998, and explored and innovated in the field of service outsourcing mode, and built the first development center for Japanese client only in China at that time. This center was called NEC public system Dalian development center. At the beginning of offshore service providing mode, by the intense cooperation of NEC, DHC founded the center mode of service outsourcing. At the following 20 years, the staff size of this center has been increased from dozens of people in the beginning to thousand people at the climax time. And the service contents also have been expanded from the coding, and unit testing in the beginning to the current dealing with all the businesses. During these several years’ cooperation, the cooperation field between DHC and NEC has been extended and the cooperation contents have been strengthened gradually. During the construction of DHC Software Park, NEC actively helped DHC to design Tier4 data center of high standard, and assisted DHC to push the development of IT service business unit by hardware and software upgrading. In 2017, DHC will introduce NEC SDN equipment to become the first user of China to use this equipment. Meanwhile, DHC and NEC will cooperate with each other to set up SDN lab to present SDN equipment and corresponding solutions, and DHC will target on the development of Chinese market, and cooperate with NEC to develop Chinese market mutually, and they anticipate this action will gain a new breakthrough. During the ceremony, NEC evaluated that DHC contributed a lot on the whole level of NEC cost reduction by big size, and qualified offshore development after the foundation of NEC development center.
For these 20 years, DHC thanks for client’s trust, and the best partner prize confirms the past performance of DHC, and creates a new chance for further and sustainable cooperation. DHC will insist on its mission and continue to work hard on becoming the most trustable partner of client.