DHC winning the Mayor Quality Prize of Dalian

Quality makes city strong and prosperous. Recent years, Dalian city has been insisting on the quality strategy and laying a solid foundation of quality. On 19th Jan, 2017, the quality technology supervision conference was held in Bangchui Island Hotel. During the conference, the prize list of “Mayor Quality Prize of 2015”was announced, and DHC won this honor as the benchmarking enterprise of Dalian according to its excellent management, and the deputy mayor presented this prize to the chairman of DHC, LIU Jun.
“Mayor Quality Prize of Dalian” is the highest quality prize being named after mayor. This prize is presented each year based on the national review standard of “outstanding performance evaluation principle”. This prize is to evaluate not only the enterprise’s product or service quality, but the business development quality, including the strategic plan, performance evaluation, competitiveness improvement. Each year, there are only three enterprises being presented this prize. DHC started to apply for this prize at Sep., 2015, and finally won this honor after passing the strict qualification and experts’ reviews. After this application, the outstanding performance management system was introduced into DHC in order to improve the whole level of enterprise management.
DHC delicates to providing the world top level IT service and solutions and becoming the most trustable enterprise to clients. For years, DHC has been insisted on improving the enterprise management system continuously, and seeing the quality as enterprise development foundation, and using quality standard to build brand, and taking performance to foster development, and then gradually enhancing the enterprise quality and business profit. This award confirmed DHC’s whole business management level, and encouraged DHC to work hard on becoming the outstanding enterprise of Liaoning Province and even the whole nation by its active, ambitious and sustainably innovative attitude.