Pivotal And Dalian Hi-Think Officially Become "Global Strategic Partner"

        On August 1st, Dalian Hi-Think and Pivotal officially become "Global Strategic Partner" after signing the cooperation contract. Based on Pivotal’s Enterprise-Level PaaS platform、technology products, and Dalian Hi-Think’s platform technology landing ability、industry solutions capability, the two parties will work together to achieve business cooperation with global customers by leveraging their respective advantages.

        Pivotal’s global vice president and president of Greater China, Yu Zhiwei, Asia Pacific channel partner general manager Chen Guangming, Dalian Hi-Think president Wang Yue, vice president Yue Xuefeng and other senior leaders witnessed this very moment.

        In his speech, Yu Zhiwei, Pivotal’s global vice president and president of Greater China, said: "Building a win-win environment with partners has always been one of Pivotal’s very important strategies. Over the past 10 years, through cooperation with partners, drawing on each other’s strengths, Pivotal has built a different type of ecosystem covering the whole world. There are cloud infrastructure partners like Microsoft, GOOGLE, AWS, DELL, VMWARE, and IT service and solution partners like Dalian Hi-Think, helping us keep going. The improvement of Pivotal technology has also enabled Pivotal’s ecosystem and market share to grow. The cooperation with Dalian Hi-Think is an important choice for Pivotal to implement the strategy of Greater China. Our customer strategy is consistent: government and industry head customers. We also have In-depth business intersection and technical complementarity, the cooperation between the two parties can help enterprises to smoothly transition to the optimal IT model, and promote the rapid innovation and growth of the business and the pace of digital transformation."

        When talking about the future cooperation with Pivotal and jointly serving the digital transformation of global government and enterprise customers, Dalian Hi-Think President Wang Yue also said: “Dalian Hi-Think is a comprehensive application software development and solution provider, and enterprise development genes determine that the customers we serve must be global-oriented. The business areas we serve must be diversified. The technology we have must be at the forefront, so that we can achieve the mission of a comprehensive IT company. Therefore, we are willing and hope to cooperate with global unicorn companies such as Pivotal, through Dalian Hi-Think’s own digital transformation practice, and empower this digital capability to more international and domestic customers."

        When talking about the ability to exchange with Pivotal, Li Zhongxu, dean of Dalian Hi-Think Technology Research Institute and general manager of Platform Business Center, said: "Pivotal’s ability lies in providing technical products. Dalian Hi-Think’s ability lies in understanding the industry application scenarios and has an End-to-end delivery capability. The cooperation between the two can achieve the goal of 1+1>2. For enterprise customers, digital business innovation brings more technology to the platform, what kind of business will be adopted in the future ’last mile’? In Dalian Hi-Think’s 23 years of enterprise development process, the accumulated ability and experience, provides the ability to implement the customer’s last mile. And Pivotal also needs partners like Dalian Hi-Think who understand the industry business scene, fully understand the data and have the ability to deliver solutions. The difference and complementarity has eventually brought the two parties together and recognize each other."


        As early as 2018, Dalian Hi-Think clearly stated in the medium-term strategy that it should upgrade customer value with New IT technology. To this end, after full preparation, the Platform Business Center was established in 2019. Taking Pivotal platform products as the bottom pedestal, taking cloud native technology, agile development and micro-service as the technical direction, planning, researching and promoting platform products as the business orientation, facing the international and domestic markets, the Platform Business Center provides customers with "Full-stack" IT services from  consulting, design, development,  delivery, to operation and maintenance. Improve customer experience with agile delivery and responsiveness. Through technological innovation, model innovation, and integration and innovation, the international and domestic markets will be jointly developed.

        The signing of this strategic cooperation agreement has enabled the two parties to open a new chapter in the field of cloud native technology cooperation. Dalian Hi-Think will work with Pivotal to promote industry solutions based on Pivotal platform products, further accelerate the comprehensive integration and application of new technologies such as cloud computing, Internet of Things and big data with industrial Internet, smart city and new retail. Accelerate the digital transformation of customers in the government, manufacturing, banking and retail industries.