Call Center Solutions

DHC is one of China’s first software companies to enter the field of CTI, researched and developed the Call Center product, and promote the development of China’s call Center. Since 1998, DHC has corporate with China Hewlett-Packard Co., Cisco, and Oracle Co., provide the Chinese users with overall Call Center solutions, researched and developed IVR / IFR, Dialer, recording servers and such products.
The Call Center solutions for DHC integrate the latest computer technology industry. It is based on specific business and hardware separation design principle; and it is used to support a variety of channels of Call Center solutions. The solutions have an excellent scale compatibility, business compatibility, management compatibility characteristics.
DHC in the field of CTI service users concentrated in the telecommunication, government, electricity, public utilities, postal services and other industries. Today, DHC is capable to build with suitable for many kinds of industries, different scales, and support for multiple channels of Call Center capacity. The DHC provided distributed Call Center, VoIP-based Call Center solutions provides many kinds of choices for the enterprise deployment Call Center.

►Access function
Unification work queue, routing strategy, group seat, parameters setting, intelligent routing

►Monitoring alarm function
System alarm, seats status real-time monitoring, audio monitoring, system log

►Management Function
Personnel access management, system management, call-center management, charge management, workflow management, equipment, network management

►Message broadcasting function
Message broadcasting, message setup, message receive

►Statistics analysis function
Statistic report, data analysis, decision-making support

►Business process customization function
Business management, business collecting and editing, process customization

►Work list processing and workflow customization function
Background business processing, work list process customization, work list alarm management
►Telephone function
Screen phone, seats telephone traffic, voice mail
►Active service function
Customer visit, active service, market questionnaire design
►Business function
Consultation type, search type, accepted type, complain type, active service type, auto-voice service type, Web self-service type, Email auto-receive and reply type