DHC Hospital Management System

DHC’s independently developed Hospital management system is efficient and is suit for large, medium and small hospitals at all levels. It includes 19 subsystems: clinic registration system, clinic doctor workstation Price hecking and payment system, medicine casting system, medicine warehouse management system, medicine bureau management system, patient in and out management system, in hospital nurse working station, in hospital doctor working station, in hospital medicine arrangement system, instrument management system, general affairs management system, basic data maintenance system, finance query and control system, Hospital Director checking and analyst system, Medical Insurance checking system, touch screen system and security management system.  DHC Hospital management system support many Medical Insurance interface: Dalian Medical Insurance, Jinzhou Medical Insurance, and Dalian economic development district Medical Insurance and Henan Medical Insurance and so on. It can provide upload function of out-patient prescription data, hospital doctor’s orders and hospital prescription Details. The system builds a network systems structure through the way of client request and server. It builds the data center through mature database technology to unify information platform and share the information and resource. Data center collected all the data information from all the subsystems and it can secure all the data by hot back up and cold back up. At the same time, it can verify the access user by the function of access management to make sure the data is secure.

The system structure of DHC hospital management system followed the goal as below:

► Set up the template which supported various information systems to accommodate different information system.
► Base on the ISO opening system to determine the structure for the opening of the distributed information systems.
►Establish the relationship between the opening platforms of the hospital information systems and the related levels.
►Make full use of existing standards.
►Simplify the application of the hospital information system;
Separate the information processing, communications and management with the application.
►Convenient for management and maintain; can be derived from all kinds of practical information and application platform.
►Suit for different system sustain platform, application platform and information platform.
Support the development of various platforms
►Suit for the transparent connection of the different systems which with a high degree of availability and distribution
►With the system access and security management