DHC Financial Software

DHC financial software is its own researched and developed software product, through the accounting documents, current corporation account, enterprise assets, and other accounting data processing and analysis, efficiently and accurately complete the day-to-day enterprise accounting business, generating all kinds of financial reports, improve work efficiency, save financial management cost, in order to provide the basis for the enterprise to perform the financial analysis and budget.

►General Ledger

Perform the accounting document to fill, verify and deposit; print each kind of book; during the end of the period make each kind of financial data to carry on the transfer (to shut account) process.

► Receivable & Payable Management

Through invoices, bills, receipts, and other single-payment information for the enterprises accounts integrated management, timely and accurately provide the enterprise customers and suppliers demand payment balance information, provide such bill aging analysis and various analysis reports to help the enterprises to conduct a reasonable allocation of funds to enhance the utilization efficiency of funds.

►Budget Management

Complete the enterprise annual budget data development, issued, reporting and permission functions. Through the system, enterprises can be achieved budget data’s transfer and control between the lower and upper level, and can obtain the latest data timely and accurately, for the administrator plan, the company and its lower-level companies’ income and expenditure has played a timely manner monitoring.

►Fixed Asset Management

Carry on the comprehensive management for the enterprise fixed asset, including the card data maintenance, depreciation, the property cleaning up and inventory and so on; at the same time, through the general ledger system interface, provides the accounting document to serve for the financial analysis.

►Inventory Management

Through the inventory management, it may calculate the inventory purchasing cost timely and accurately, urges the enterprise to reduce the cost of inventory; reflect and monitor the inventory’s transceiver, receiving and returns and storage situation; reflect and monitor the inventory fund occupancy to promote the enterprise enhance the reasonable use of funds.

►Salary Management

Complete the enterprise each kind of staff's salary calculation, issue salary, salary statistics analysis and the personal income tax calculation etc…

►Human Resource Management

Perform the integrated management for the enterprise staff profile information, including the basic information maintenance, the staff’s entry, training, evaluation, attendance and other types of management.

►Report Management

Through the definition of report format and data rules, generate the various financial reports which is in line with the nation and enterprise requirements, and the reports data can carry on the transfer, combine, verify and adjustment between the lower level and the upper level.