DHC-IVR Interactive Voice Response System

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is interactive voice response. This product will make telephone and computer to closer integrated, so that phones and computers can play a bigger role to improve the quality of call services and saving the cost.
DHC development of the DHC-IVR system is a set of advanced voice hardware products, software design mind, and the leading voice technology in an excellent automatic voice response system. After continuous research, improve and practice, DHC-IVR not only fully-featured, and the performance (stability, easy for use, flexibility) are becoming increasingly perfect, has become an outstanding function, mature and stable product of the system.
DHC-IVR and its powerful functions widely used in telecommunications, postal services, insurance, and financial business, after many years of tests, it can definitely satisfy each scale of the application system.

DHC-IVR/IFR fully embodies the idea of modular, using client + server + bottom three-tier software architecture.
System monitoring desk program, through TCP / IP protocol communicate with the Server program, it can timely reflect the chosen network monitoring the Server program all state channel status, and monitor its detailed information. Functions:
→Detect a voice channel current status
→Long-range view logs
→Long-range detect server status
→Long-range modify configuration
→Long-range remote Server (includes start, stop and debug Server)
→Automatic response, transfer
→Obtain users key input
→Record and play voice
→Send and receive faxes
→Intelligent out-dialing
→Database access/Business middleware access
→Seamless integration with the various CTI middleware
→Realize the different business workflow automatically according to the different script
→Text and voice integration
Includes database, CTI middleware (such as DHC-CTC、Genesys、CISCO ICM、AVAYA CVCT、Dialogic CT-Connect etc. ), voice card & various type of supporting services.
►Process Customization Tools
 Process customization – according to their own business requirement, by dragging and connecting the nodes, the user realize the IVR workflow Customization easily. Main features: graphical programming, function modular, icon interface.