IP Call Center System

IPCC, that is, IP Call Center system, it can fully use the advantages of IP network to complete the voice communication and data communication unification, integrated voice, video and data communication to generate a new Call Center business; at the same time, it is built based on the CTI and the IPCC technology, the intelligence Call Processing Center (Call Center), set of modern CTI technology, IPCC technology, Internet technology, VOIP technology, soft switching technology, network technology and database technology in one, provides complete customer service center solutions.
DHC began to integrate the excellent international IPCC solutions for user in 2000. Based on years of experience in the field of CTI, DHC has started the development of IPCC system since 2002, and have launched DHC Smart Call, DHC Smart Router, DHC VoIP phone, and other products, combined with DHC’s good reputation in the industry of DHC IVR, DHC Dialer, DHC Call Center and other software, build the IPCC solution.
DHC’s IPCC solution, it faces the telecommunication industry, financial industry, public utilities and government service center and other service institutions, it can use the IP network which the enterprise already has, distributed Call Center services, therefore reduce the total cost of building the Call Center, and very easy to expand.

DHC IP Call Center system solution is based on the following major components, including: DHC-Smart Call (integrated platform for access and voice processing), DHC-CTC/Smart Router (responsible for call control and routing), DHC VoIP Phone (IP phone software).

►DHC-Smart Call

Smart Call is DHC researched and developed for the integration of communication access platform product. Smart Call is based on the PCI / CPI, in its use of Dialogic HMP technology, equipped with voice, fax, seats, recording and IP resources, combined with DHC series of voice software, structures into the communication platform to meet the customers’ requirement.

Small Call supported functions include:

⇒Telephone transfer function

⇒IVR/Fax/Auto out-dialing

⇒Recording function

⇒Meeting function

⇒Monitor function

⇒Voice mail function

⇒Support TDM & IP directly transfer

►DHC CTC/Smart Router

DHC CTC / Smart Router is DHC researched and developed CTI software, it can play the role of Call Center nerve center. Inside the IPCC, it can operate independently, and monitor / control more than one DHC Smart Call complicated operation.

Functions include:

⇒Support for the unity of multi-channel access

⇒Unified message management

⇒Provide unified application interface

⇒Telephone calling control

⇒Calling data transfer, realize the synchronization of data and voice

⇒Manage and maintain multiple operators queue

⇒Skilled routing and intelligent routing

⇒Identify important customers, display customer information

⇒System log management

⇒Maintain and manage the calling related user data

►DHC Voip Phone Software

⇒Only need to purchase USB phone (handset or headset)

⇒DHC Voip Phone operates on PC, may control telephone operations