Business Operation Analysis System

Looking at the global telecommunications market, it is gradually opening to the outside world and the telecommunications market is competing increasingly fierce. How to provide high-quality services to attract and retain customers, and expand market share, reduce costs, increase revenue, has become the common concern for decision-makers of the telecommunications industry
Along with the increasingly domestic competition in the telecommunications industry, each big operator faced with various challenges, only understand the market and customers, grasp the customer's consumption behavior and direction, grasp the market trends, know the business operation status of the opponents and oneself to adopt the scientific management methods can they adapt to the future competition.
By constructing the business analysis system, through analyses of business, service and competition the operator may get rid of the simple price competition and redirect to provide high quality, the personalized service and product to the customers to meet the future development.
Business operation analyses system take full advantage of the valuable data resources which produced from the business system. Conformity with the data source and form the foundation of the forward-looking telecommunications operator business model, it carries on information intellectualized analyze and processing to provide timely, accurate and scientific policy-making basis for enterprise market management.


  • Expandable data extract platform, complete data warehouse structure, high operating efficiency;

  • Modular system design ,unified source data management

  • Advanced data analysis method, good data mining model

  • Formidable on-line OLAP dynamic analysis function: data slice, revolving, drills and Boring through function.

  •  Various and easy using exhibit

   ⇒Mainly includes: The daily report, enterprise KPI target, guide report, extemporaneous inquiry, information inquiry (individual synthesis information inquiry, customer group inquiry and so on), OLAP analysis (multi-dimensional analysis, comparative analysis, place analysis, trend analysis, abnormity analysis , multi-dimensional inquiry and so on), the data mining development exhibit.

  • Seamless integration of the Standard tools and platform.

       ⇒Has realized to the seamless integration of ETL tool, the data warehouse, the data collection center, the connection analysis, the report form tool (for example OLAP), the decision tree browsing tool and so on.