Business Outsourcing Call Center System

Business outsourcing call center system, is refers to leasing equipment, seating, personnel and operational management which aims at completing the customer service, marketing and other activities.
As for the unique characteristics of Business outsourcing call center, DHC designed a system which according with the characteristics of the business outsourcing:

  • Standardization of Business outsourcing call center
  • modular system design
  • System stable ,advanced and adaptable;
  • multiple customer contact way
  • Secondary development environment to meet the changing needs
  • flexible automated voice response functions
  • Comprehensive and effective system management.

DHC successfully implemented a number of business outsourcing call center system, it can be set to provide high-tech, high reliability, high coverage as one of the powerful comprehensive information processing platform that can seat outsourcing, rental and call platform Center outsourcing to carry out various forms of external services, and provide different perspectives, all-encompassing, personalized services and the information resources of commercial value-added services. Business outsourcing call center system support multiple access, Support Avaya, Nortel, Siemens, Alcatel, Huawei and other switches as a front-end Queue, the system can be built in accordance with the scale set trunk line access, automatic voice ports and the number of seats ,it can set up many kinds of seats ,such as general seats and professional Web seats. System applied the specific principle to separate specific business and hardware design, using the work flow management ideas, provide advice to clients, enquiries, complaints handling processing, fax services, e-mail services, auto dial out (active service), WEB synergies, billing management, product encyclopedia, market surveys and other services. At the same time, the system provides a flexible secondary development environment, such as IVR process customization, the work order flow customization; dynamic business generated for customers to develop new business, so according to their own needs customers can carry out various forms of business functions base on the hardware platform resource.

►Access function:
Unity Work queue, routing strategy, seat grouping, set of parameters, intelligent routing

►Monitor function:
System warning, seats condition real-time monitoring, recording monitor, system logs

►Management function:
Personnel access management, systems management, call management, billing management, workflow management, equipment, network management

►News broadcast function:
News broadcasting, news settings, news receiving

►Statistical analysis function:
Statistical report, data analysis, policy-making support

►Business process customization function:
Business management, Business editing, process customization

►Work order management and process customization function:
Backstage business dealing, work order process setting, work order reminds management.

►Telephone function:
Screen phone, seats phone, message leaving

►Business function:
Consulting, enquiring, accept and hear case, complaints, initiative service, and auto voice service, and Web self-service, Email auto receiving and answering.

►Rent management function:
Rent information maintenance, partners maintenance, Organizations management

►Clients management function:
Customer management from its own side and the rent side

►Dial out management function:
Event management, task management, surveys, performance reports.

►Telephone marketing function:
Realizes the active marketing using the outsourcing call center
►Billing function:
Billing according to the rental contract module