Voice Mail System Solutions

Voice mail is a value-added telecom service. Voice mail system can store voice messages. When the phone line is busy, nobody answer, shutdown or not in the service area and other reasons that failed to answer the call, it can use the call before function ① to transfer the calls to this mailbox, and store the callers voice in it, then as a short message service ② to notify the owners, , the owners can be obtain their own mailbox messages (through the password set by themselves)anywhere and anytime.
With the voice mail services, telephone users may transfer the unanswered calls to their applied voice mailbox, to let the caller left the soundtrack to the original messages. It is the trusted personal assistant, 24 hours a day uninterrupted service, let the users uninterrupted stay in touch with the colleagues, relatives and friends; also enable users to avoid directly answer some calls, to reduce the unnecessary bother, and also let users will not miss any phone call to lose any opportunities. Voice mail and call before transfer, in both English and Chinese with the use of short message, so that the users can get better services.

As a value-added service, voice mail mainly located in the "leakage listening phone value" larger (business enterprises, the government affairs institution), the young couples, and the new business, new ways of consumption habits of acceptance as strong user groups. Major customers include:

  • The government affairs institution, business enterprises people and hotline phone (more meetings, more scheduled arrangements, more important phone calls and the frequent outside commercial activities.
  • Student, teacher and the medical personnel (work situation does not permit to use cell-phone, advocates to new service).
  • Major customer, VIP customer (Consumer demand for more communication, lots of missed calls).
  • Young couples (The sweet words and honey phrases, talk in whispers, holiday blessing)
  • Other special consumer user groups (It’s not convenient to call directly, so left voice mail notify the listener).

  • Personalized owner original voice message. Before the user transfer the phone call to the voice mailbox, through the dial voice mailbox special line, records own message according to the system prompt, when the user or occupies the signal at the bad area on the airplane and so on not convenient answering telephone, when someone dialing, will broadcast the owner original voice message to avoid inconvenience.
  • Calling record and inquiry. The user transfers the phone call to the voice mailbox, when someone calling in, system prompt call message function. When user has new messages, system will issue the short message notice to inform the new message, the user through dialing voice mailbox special line, may listen to the message and history calling number, time and other information.
  • Message transmission function. The user through dialing voice mailbox special line may follow the system prompt, record the voice which is going to be transmitted, may transmit to many users who has already opened the voice mailbox.
  • The original sound important matter reminder. Provides the alarum function for the user, may record the alarum information, when it’s time, the system will carry on the call to remind.
  • Sound message function. The user through dialing voice mailbox special line may follow the system prompt, record the voice which needs to be transmitted, may send to many users, the receiving end will hear the kind voice message from the transmitting end. It may apply in the holiday blessing, the propaganda and notice etc.
  • Removable fax function. If fax machine is next to you to receive the fax, all fax are transmitted over to the voice mailbox, in your suitable time, withdraws the voice mailbox fax from any fax machines.
  • Multiple service modes. Provides multiple language voice mailbox service meal according to the different storage capacity, satisfy the different user's needs.
  • Additional service function
     ⇒Changing telephone number notice
     ⇒Sound greeting card 
     ⇒Request songs service

  Call before function in a busy line, nobody answer, shutdown or exceed the network limit, and other circumstances, the calls will be transferred to voice mail.
  Short message function during the phone reconnected, it will prompt and notice that there are messages in the mailbox until the user completely obtain the message information.