24 By 7 System Support for Top 500 Companies

One of the top 500 companies to sell their services to clients and use online tools to manage the service contracts execution and logistics. Since the company’s clients are worldwide and work in different time zones, the company has a 24 hour team to support the online tools for any supply chain and logistics issue.

DHC is located in China and has large resource pool. DHC quickly built up a team of 20 resources and learned business knowledge with guidance and training from US consultants. Smooth KT with the development team and precise technical skills ensures DHC will execute the training and provide professional services within 2 month. 100% offshore services with 24*5 English support, help the system users and the company work efficiently.

Improve System Efficiency
DHC support service ensures the continuity of the system operation and function, which leads to the improvement of system efficiency and cost savings from the supply chain and logistics process.
Reducing operational costs
A dedicated support team helps streamline the business process and save the cost from an operation point of view.