Application Development Integrated With Oracle ERP

Input invoice document into ERP manually.
For PO invoice document, Account payable team must check the physical invoice document and key in the PO number into ERP. The ERP will display receiving data by the PO number. To check the invoice distribution information, AP user needs to verify the item code, item description, item amount, item quantity and unit price between invoice document and ERP receiving data line by line. After AP user confirms the invoice distribution, the user will update item billed quantity number manually in ERP.

For Non-PO invoice document, AP user will manually key in valid Non-PO invoice document into ERP. If some Non-PO invoice document is invalid, such as the vendor name in invoice document doesn’t exist in ERP, AP user will not be able to input this invalid invoice into ERP. The AP user needs to contact the sourcing team to update the vendor information in ERP, then AP user will key in the invoice with the new vendor. ERP can’t provide a plan for all valid and invalid invoice documents for AP user to track the account payment process.

DHC Account Payable Workflow is a fully automatic account payment process platform. DHC AP workflow provides automatic features including invoice document scanning, and auto processing 3-way match to generate invoice tracking report.
►Invoice document scanning
The OCR scanner can scan the physical invoice document and store the invoice data including invoice number, PO number, invoice date, vendor name, total amount, tax rate, item code, unit price and quantity into the database. AP workflow also stores a JPG image of the invoice document as backup for AP user and OCR Admin to check.
►PO and Receiving integration from ERP
Everyday, AP workflow will export the PO and Receiving data from ERP into AP workflow database automatically. Once the ERP sourcing buyer or receiver updates PO or Receiving data, AP workflow will also refresh the PO and Receving data to mark them synchronized with ERP.
►3-Way match
The core job in AP workflow is 3-way match. The 3-Way match will compare an invoice document with PO and Receiving to validate if the invoice document could be payable. AP workflow marks the invoice status in 3-way match process. AP user can track invoice document in AP workflow.
►Invoice document report
AP workflow will provide invoice document reports for AP users to track each invoice documents' status in AP workflow.

  • Streamlining business processes

AP workflow will improve compliance with AP team by standardizing and simplifying the account payment process. It will improve border clearance times through process automation/simplification and decrease costs by minimizing resources.

  • Improve Reliability & Productivity

The DHC solution has improved data integrity and quality available to users. It has improved the application to reduce cycle time and productivity.