Global Database Maintenance For Managing Import Process

Local Access DB Application for CID (Customs Import Database)
Our Client’s Customs Group currently utilizes several ACCESS databases to support the tracking, clearance and post importation support of the US Customs import process.  These databases are utilized by personnel in SC, NY, FL, and TX.  Since ACCESS is not a Supported program in the Clients IT Group, a Web based integrated system needed to be developed.  This Application is required to facilitate the entire Customs process.  This will allow the Customs team to consolidate all US import related data for the 6 US Business units (EP, ES, O&G US, AEP, Nuclear, Wind) into one program.  With the continued increase of US imports due to the Global Sourcing initiative, it is important to create this application to support a compliant and timely import process.  Since much of the work is currently being supported by home grown ACCESS databases, this Web based tool will ensure data safety and availability.  If one of the current ACCESS tools is disabled, delays in the import process could occur.  The centralization of data into one system will also assist in the sharing of best practices across all import processes and improve process consistency.  This digitized process will support import auditing, improve data flow, provide metric tracking capability, improve communication and streamline the import process from pre-importation to import liquidation.


►Consulting DHC
After working with a previous vendor, our client decided to work with a different vendor and chose DHC to continue and develop a solution. Our client looked at a number of vendors, and was impressed by DHC’s wealth of technical expertise and business knowledge. The company asked DHC to manage the migration of some applications, one being CID, from ACCESS to a J2EE platform, and with the success of this project, the relationship grew.

►Integrated Solution

  • CID uses EDI to import data from several systems internal and external.
  • CID utilizes the power of integration synergy to feed modules vital data that must be shared.
  • CID allows a user to get real time feedback on inputs and changes made to a shipment.
  • CID feeds new and updated data to the broker on a real time basis.

►Success Factors

  • Eliminate dependency on ACCESS databases
  • Instant Availability of import data
  • Improved Data integrity
  • Creation of standardized Metrics reports
  • Ease of use
  • Improved availability of Business Purchase Order information
  • Flexibility for expansion to all GEPS Import entities
  • Improve visibility of financial savings opportunities
  • Allow proactive compliance of import process


►Streamlining business processes
CID will improve compliance with US Customs Regulations by standardizing and simplifying the import process, improve border clearance times through process automation/simplification, decrease costs by minimization of resources and increase import duty savings opportunities.

►Improve Reliability & Productivity
The DHC solution has improved data integrity and quality available to users. It has improved the application to reduce cycle time and productivity.