Human Resource Management - Leave Application

►A variety of technical support
As eleave system for customers is a real-time operating system with number of active users almost reaching 10,000 it must therefore require various types of technical support.

►Eleave version transition from domino to java within a short period of time
Customers want users interacting with the new system earlier, and are required to complete the version transition for all countries in six months. 

►Complex multi-national languages version
In order to improve the competitiveness and vitality, they have decided to add an international language version to system.

►Customers are not familiar with the business process
HR people may have issues with the system when an employee applies for a leave.

►Training for eleave customer
DHC provided the customer with system, operational and functional training when they first took over the eleave.

►Providing high-quality all-round technical support
DHC provided customers and end users with all types of technical support, including troubleshooting & bug-fixing, uploading of user records into eLeave database, assigning user access, answering basic questions, app specific guidance, log problem reports, maintaining support central site, application code fixes, regression testing, and gatekeeper to approve production code migration via Kintana process, year end carry-over and so on.

►Making a tight and comprehensive solution for the transition
DHC communicated with customers at the same time DHC made an emergency solution. DHC coded for one country while simultaneously communicating with another country’s hr manager for request confirmation. Therefore, it can let us to do the coding work uninterrupted in order to save time.

►Professional translators’ help
In order to make the text description for multi-language version more formal, DHC has a professional translator for help.

►Establishing a good relationship with our new customers
DHC had the customer comprehend the system gradually in the process of training, so that DHC improved the efficiency of the technical support.  Our customer was very pleased with the multi-language versions and we had established a better relationship.

►Improving our technical support capacity and emergency response capacity
Diversification of technical support makes allows us to enhance and handle emergency solutions.  The development and successful implementation will not only save customers money, but will also increase our ability to cope with emergency projects.  Most importantly, it strengthened the confidence between us and our customer.