Technical Support For Top 500 Banks

This application is global CRM team’s solution for campaign management, which includes both operational and analytical marketing capabilities. It is a user-friendly application that is easy and fast to run powerful queries against any table or view. Meanwhile, it is a PC based enterprise database query and reporting system.
Till now, this application has been deployed in 16 countries and is still under expansion. Its business scope is broad and helps corresponding enterprises to manage large, complex data. More technologies and functionalities will be added into this software.  More maintenance tasks will be initiated and thus a corresponding experienced project development team will be needed to match the further development and maintenance tasks.

The Global CRM team has been cooperating with the DHC team for more than three years and has established a solid relationship with each other. From Aug, 2005, our client chose DHC as their vendor to conduct further development and maintenance for this application. After 3 years of operation, this project has grown to a strong team which includes 20 members that has complete project roles and covers more than 30 kinds of technologies. Till now, our work scope has been expanded as below:

  • New Version Development
  • Existing Version Upgrade
  • Existing Version Enhancement
  • Existing Version Maintenance / Troubleshooting
  • System Testing and User Support
  • Release Management
  • Database Management
  • Installation Management
  • Business Object and ETL
  • Poland ETM Production Support

Meanwhile, DHC team helps to regulate and optimize the development and release management process, improving the efficiency of workflow.

  • Established Stable and solid relationship between client and DHC team

  • Software functionality and running speed is much more optimized.

  • Established mature development and release process

  • Realized automation of software deployment

  • Vast technologies applied

  • Reduction of support cost