New Compatible Cost Billing System Neo-CBS

Accounts billing system is one of the core tasks in the telecommunications business activities; New Compatible Cost billing system (For short: Neo-CBS) is a network application system which applied the advanced network technology and computer software and hardware. New Compatible cost billing system can complete the telecommunications business billing, charge and settlement.
By the important technology way, Neo-CBS system supports the telecommunication enterprises and also it is an integration supporting system which faces to the users. Compatible with other supporting system, Neo-CBS system can provide users with “full time, whole network” timely, accurate and unified services. It can ensure the income and the quality of the enterprise also it can enhance the competitiveness in the open market for the enterprises.

  • Compatible

Support the Compatible billing for the voice and data; support the pre-paid and later-paid; Support online and offline billing

  • real time to inform

User account balance and user credit timely control; User can obtain the timely guidelines, care, fees notice and account information remind.

  • flexible

Flexible pricing model, charges strategy, accounting cycle, account structure; Easy-to-understand, easy operation of the configuration interface; dimensions of the billing can be configured and expanded.

  • opening

Provide the wholesale price interface, provide the management interface (such as the industry standard: Web service), in the same time it supports the online wholesale pricing and off-line telephone bill wholesale price ability.

  • High performance

The reappearance cost system must serve the entire net user, certain extent’s high performance for cost system need to serve the entire net user, it is one of the essential conditions for the online cost system, and also it is the important safeguards which save equipment investment for the business operators.

  • High reliability

The online cost billing system has become one of core parts for the entire network which has High reliability in the telecommunications.