DHC won “Level 1 Qualification of Information System Security Integration Service”


      On Dec 30th,2014, on the “Unveiling ceremony of the Information Security Seminar—ISCCC Liaoning sub-center”, ISCCC awarded the “Level 1 Qualification of Information System Security Integration Service” certificate to DHC, as the only one company to obtain the level one qualification in Liaoning Province.

   The information system security integration service is an action or activity to integrate the security units and the product components by facing the customers and focusing on their security needs with the method and theory of the information system security engineering. The information system security integration service qualification is divided into 3 levels. Level 1 is the highest; level 3 is the lowest. To obtain this qualification, DHC officially started the declaration on Sep, 2013. With the guidance of executive vice-president Chengjin Li and vice-president Xuefeng Yue, the coordination of the Human Relationships and President’s Office, the instruction of Information Security Management Division, the participation of domestic business departments,  DHC experienced the research and consultancy of certification rules, training and certificating for information security support staff, declaration of the information security products, specific adjustment for some management documents, implementation of the projects, preparation for the declaration materials. Finally, on Aug 20th, 2014, five auditors from ISCCC, Liaoning Province Information Security & Software Evaluation Center and the Dalian sub-center came to DHC to accomplish an onsite audit.
   With the development of country`s informatization and information security support, China is gradually implementing standardized management to the market construction of information system. This qualification represents the recognition of the authoritative institutions to DHC’s service capability of information system security integration; and there is no doubt that DHC has improved its market competitiveness.