The Successful Conclusion of IT O&M Management Standardization Technical Seminar


    The “IT O&M Management Standardization Technical Seminar”, hosted by Dalian Economy & IT Commission, and organized by DHC and TechExcel, was opened on 25th Mar, 2015 at the 3rd floor of DHC Software Park. The seminar aimed to promote the normalization and standardization of IT service for large size companies based on the “guidance of DHC’s successful implementation of IT service”. 29 guests, such as Yujun Feng and Liyun Wang, the director and vice director from Information and Promotion Department of Dalian Economy & IT Commission; Li Pan, the GM of TechExcel Dalian; and other Dalian companies’ managers participated in this seminar.

     IT O&M Management Standardization is an important object for the current information service development of China. With the rise of domestic overall information service industry, some global standards, such as ITIL, ISO20000, and ISO27001 are introduced to domestic companies. The normalized and standardized IT service can not only offer high quality service to users, but be useful for the overall development of domestic IT market and industry.
     DHC has provided standardized IT service to overseas top companies for several years. And it still owns professional IT service capability, and develops IT service business for domestic market according to “Standardization, Commonization, and Streamlining”. On this seminar, the leader of Dalian Economy & IT Commission explained the present IT situation of Chinese State-owned companies and relevant national support policies. Moreover, he hoped DHC could lead the development of IT industry, and contribute to the informationization and IT O&M standardization for local companies. The responsible person of DHC shared its experiences of the construction of IT O&M management standardization. Techexcel introduced its tools’ solutions. Several major companies’ managers reached a consensus of the importance of IT service management and tool application, and they hoped to do further communication from now on, and build a long-term mechanism for IT seminar in order to share IT O&M results and push the standardization of IT service.