DHC Won 3 Awards on DGITS 2016

       On 21st March, DGITS was held in Foshan City, Guangdong Province. The industrial top leaders, leading companies, domestic and overseas clients, investors, entrepreneurs, and service providers from IT service and outsourcing field, and other representatives from government, park, colleges and universities, mass media, institutions of China technology and service industry, more than 800 persons participated in this summit. At the TOPs award ceremony, DHC won 3 awards based on its excellent performance, which were relatively showed as the fifth of “2015 Top Global Outsourcing Service Providers-China TOP 50”, the third of “2015 Top Global Outsourcing Service Providers-ITO China TOP 20”, and the first of “2015 Top 100 of China Outsourcing Service Providers”. 
       The selection of Service outsourcing TOP has been held for 8 years. It is worthy to mention that this time the summit started to select “2015 Top 100 of China Outsourcing Service Providers” to dig out the strongest and most representative corporate service provider. And this selection chose the core index of corporate service by evaluating its size, products, clients, innovation capability and growth speed and made use of multidimensional quantitation method to evaluate those providers, and finally selected the TOP 100 representatives which had the most influence and potential. According to the absolute advantage of corporate service, DHC won this award.