DHC won “2016 Top Human Resources Management Award”

       Currently, the selection of “2016 Top Human Resources Management Award”, hosted by the JOBS, which as the biggest HR provider in China, was concluded. There are 32 companies from northern east of China being awarded. DHC won this award again and it was its third time to win this prize.
       The theme of this selection is “welcoming challenge of internet era, building core competitive advantage”. There are 277 companies being selected from the whole country. This selection was started from September 2015, and there are more than 10 thousand representative companies being selected. And the committee sent the invitation to 500 companies, and organized the questionnaire research, and interviews, and analyzed the data comparatively. This selection evaluated companies’ development plans from 2014 to the next 3 years, HR’s cooperation and support to company strategy, attraction and retention of talents, salaries, promotion ratio, organizational development and corporate culture construction , management and cultivation of Neozoic employees and so on.