OHC’s Opening Ceremony

       On 1st Oct, 2015, OHC, the second subsidiary corporation of DHC group officially opened in Okinawa of Japan. OHC commits itself to provide nearshore software development service, and IT service for Japanese customers. Therefore, DHC group has built offshore outsourcing, nearshore outsourcing, and short-term employees dispatch mode for Japanese business, which offers all round assurance for customer satisfaction.
       OHC’s stable development team is composed of elite members from DHC and JHC. At the same time, based on the support of local talented persons, OHC could make use of its advantages as a Chinese outsourcing company, and continue to develop DHC group’s Japanese business.
      On 1st Oct, the guests of Uruma city in Okinawa Prefecture, the President Yue Wang, board director Ogasawara, board director Etsumoto, and 16 employees from OHC participated in the opening ceremony.
      During the opening ceremony, President Yue Wang firstly introduced the background, purpose of OHC’s foundation, and its future business plan, and also expressed his kind expectation toward all OHC employees. And then, the representative guest Kinra, being the deputy director of department of Commerce, Industry, and Labor of Okinawa Prefectural Government Japan, expressed his heartfelt congratulations on the opening of OHC, as one of Japanese subsidiaries of DHC which was taken as the top offshore outsourcing corporation for Japanese business. Yan Lv, as the former employee of DHC, and Sekine, as the former employee of JHC, made speeches.
     The management office of IT Shinryo Park delivered flower to President Yue Wang, and showed the heartfelt congratulations on OHC’s foundation. Finally, all the staff had taken a picture together, and opening ceremony was brought to a successful close.