The Opening Ceremony of Dalian Cloud Computing Public Service Platform

       On 21st Dec., Dalian cloud computing public service platform was founded in DHC cloud data center, and it will offer cloud computing service of resource-sharing, public information and innovative undertaking for Dalian’s enterprises and institutions.
       On 6th Jan., 2015, the State Council issued ‘’several proposals on promotion of cloud computing to innovatively develop and educate information industry’s new types”, as the NO. 5 documents (2015), which indicated the necessity to “strengthen cloud computing service’s capability”. To carry out these proposals, Dalian Economic and Information Technology Committee, DHC, and Dalian TIANTU Cable TV, launched the construction of Dalian public cloud computing service platform by taking the way of “civilian-run, government-support”, this construction depended on DHC’s TIER4 high-standard cloud data center and TIANTU Cable TV’s two-way high-speed city network, and supported the corporate to improve capabilities of cloud computing service and innovative undertaking. Cloud platform will organize various resource of cloud computing to build cloud eco-environment, provide abundant cloud computing technology, cloud platform resource, talents cultivation and other public services for many organizations.
       Reportedly, as the public cloud service platform of Dalian, the government will offer policy subsidy to those registered organizations taking use of the cloud service platform. The maximum amount of this subsidy is 10 thousand for each organization. And during the commissioning stage, registered organizations can enjoy 90% subsidy. The use period of the service is no more than 1 year. The public cloud service includes cloud mainframes, cloud storage, cloud desktop, trade 365, cloud call, and cloud OA. Please log on the website ( ) for detail.